Телеграм бот: @WWPagerBot (WWPager)

This bot assign to you a new email address and forward all incoming email to you. Details https://wwpager.com

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Команды для робота @WWPagerBot

Команда Описание (что делает робот в ответ на команду)
/start start bot, or view you ID
/lang change language (Russian, English)
/changeid change your ID
/register register personal email, like alex@wpgr.me
/list list of personal emails
/remove remove personal email
/email send email
/sms send SMS
/addchannel link personal email to channel
/listchannels list emails for channels
/deletechannel unlink email from channel
/forward set email address for forwarding all messages
/headers turn ON/OFF email headers (From, Subject)
/sign add signature for outgoing emails
/balance show balance
/changevipid change your VIP ID (enter ID manually)
/subscribe enable Premium-subscription
/unsubscribe disable Premium-subscription
/stop delete all your data and stop using bot
/cancel cancel current operation