Телеграм бот: @mafiagangsbot (Mafia Gangs Game)

Congregate the most powerful Mafia Gang in Telegram! Invite friends to get ? gangsters, buy ? weapons to fight with other gangs and complete missions for ? and EXP. Track your upkeep and invest ? in estate to make profit and become number one Mafia Gang!

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Команды для робота @mafiagangsbot

Команда Описание (что делает робот в ответ на команду)
/mission Complete missions
/status Your mafia gang
/rate Please give bot 5 stars
/collect Collect mafia profit
/fight Fight other gangsters
/recruit Invite gang members
/estate Buy & sell business
/armory Gang weapons list
/top Best mafia gangs ters
/help Info & game manuals