Телеграм бот: @pokerbot (PokerBot)

PokerBot lets you play ♠️♥️♣️♦️ Texas Holdem Poker with Telegram users. Invite your Telegram contacts through your personal invitation link to play at the same table together and get more ? chips. PokerBot is NOT gambling. You cannot play on real money in our bot. Still in beta, report any problems to @PokerBotSupport

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Команды для робота @pokerbot

Команда Описание (что делает робот в ответ на команду)
/leave Leave the table
/balance Your chips balance
/fr Change language to French
/uz Change language to Uzbek
/start Main menu
/german Die Sprache auf Deutsch wechseln
/it Cambia la lingua in Italiano
/bonus Get regular bonus
/call Make turn "Call"
/buy Buy chips
/allin Make turn "All-in"
/new Start playing
/settings Settings
/zh 更换语言中文
/private Create private table
/top Show best players
/check Make turn "Check"
/timer Change timer setting
/inline Information about using bot in inline-mode
/raise Make turn "Raise"
/ar تغيير اللغة إلى Arabic
/me Your statistic information
/combinations List of combinations with descriptions
/combos Short list of combinations
/tutorial Start tutorial
/fold Make turn "Fold"
/feedback Leave feedback for developers
/rules Poker rules
/stop Stop chat with the bot
/bonus_remind Remind about next bonus availability
/details Table details
/about About bot
/referral_message Generate unique code to invite friends and get extra chips
/unsubscribe Disable notifications
/hints_off Turn off hints in game
/hints_on Show hints in game
/de Change language to Spanish
/en Change language to English
/nick Change your nickname
/lang Change language
/help Help
/es Cambiar idioma a español
/help_translate How to translate the bot?
/tutorial_skip Skip tutorial
/tos Terms of Service
/chinese 更换语言中文
/contributors Project contributors
/ru Сменить язык на русский
/fa تغییر زبان به فارسى
/persian تغییر زبان به فارسى
/pt Trocar idioma para Português
/he שנה שפה ל עִבְרִית
/ko Change language to Korean
/uk Змінити мову на українську