Телеграм бот: @pronunciationbot (PronunciationBot)

This is a bot that allows you to convert text into speech in 84 languages. You can also use this bot in groups, simply open this bot's profile and press "Add to group". Use /language to change the language of the bot, use /pronounce to pronounce your message and use /ipa to get the phonetic notation of your message in IPA.

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Команды для робота @pronunciationbot

Команда Описание (что делает робот в ответ на команду)
/help Gets information about the bot.
/i Shortcut to convert your message to IPA.
/pronounce Pronounces your message.
/p Shortcut to pronounce your message.
/language Changes the language.
/ipa Converts your message to IPA.
/feedback Sends feedback to my creator.