Телеграм бот: @werewolfbot (Werewolf Moderator)

This bot is the moderator for Werewolf games. use /start to register yourself for PMs from the bot (required!). See werewolf.parawuff.com for full information Join the Official group: @werewolfgame Open Source! github.com/parabola949/Werewolf

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Команды для робота @werewolfbot

Команда Описание (что делает робот в ответ на команду)
/start enables PM (PM the bot with this)
/players get a list of current players
/startgame start a new game
/chatid gets the id of the group chat
/runinfo gets runtime, games, etc
/help get info on roles and how to play
/stats get a link for stats
/startchaos start chaos mode
/donate Support the developer!
/extend (extend ##) extend the join timer
/flee Drop from the game
/nextgame bot will PM you when next game is starting
/grouplist get a list of groups for your language
/ping check bot reply time
/getstatus check the status of all bots
/version gets the current version
/forcestart Group Admin, start the game
/config Group Admin, set options for group
/smite Group Admin, kills player
/uploadlang Global Admin, upload language file
/validatelangs Global Admin, validate language files